2017 Youth Talent Competition

National Finals are on Sunday, August 20 in Queens Theater in the Park. Change of time and place.

 June Chin 201-960-3106 // aaytcnyc@gmail.com
Grace 646-335-6998 // jinyy888@yahoo.com

Important Competition Information:

2017 全美繁榮天才青少年才藝大赛
2017 Better USA Youth Talent Competition 

Purpose:AAYTC seeks to organize a friendly annual competition for every genre in Dance, Voice, Instrumental &  Performing Arts for children ages 5 -20.  We want to be able to give opportunities & challenge them to compete in a friendly environment, meet & make new friends, learning to be gracious, responsive, pleasant & sociable with one another even though it’s a competitive atmosphere. The opportunity to develop & hone their skills so that they take pride in every detail, never stop learning & growing; but most of all uphold honesty & integrity.   We strive to create a surrounding that is fun, educational, & inspiring for all involved, motivating growth of each individual competitor.   In the near distant future, we want to develop a cultural exchange to other Asian countries, taking this competition into an International level.    An important chance to learn & experience other cultures.


**  Qualifier:  2-3 minutes per program.     7 minute including for each performance & setup.    Time:   12-5pm.          

**  Semifinal will be still open to any recommended contestant.   Registration remain open during semifinal time.    Contestant or group troupe can register to compete in different program.

**  Final:    2-3 min per program.    5 min per program & setup.    (20 programs?     Group will received final qualifying priority to enable livelier competition ?).     Time:     6-9:30pm

**  Top 3 winners in each group into US Final on 8-19 compete with other state top talent contestant.    Next 3 top finishers in each group will qualify if National representive is less than 24 programs.

**  US Final:    5-10pm on 8-19 at Flushing Town Hall.     5 min total each program 4 hours=240 minutes = 45 programs.   (225 min)

**  Banquet ticket:   (after discussion with committee members, advisors & restaurant)

$19 only for contestants that come only with school coordinators & teachers.    If needed we can provide two volunteers per table to assist and watch over.

$39 All parents with contestant must take or VIP seats.    Plus all regular supporter.

$60 VIP seats.     Any VIP performance guest must support 2-3 table for 2-3 programs.
(each VIP table supporter will received 4 Final tickets)

**  Each top three winner per group will received trophies & top two received Starbucks gift basket.

**   Top two overall winner in US Final will received Airplane ticket to Beijing or Guangzhou China TV Competition or Performance in 2018.

**  Top three group winners will received Official State Senator or City Council award certificate and Starbucks gift basket.

**top winners will be welcome to NYC events as Better USA princess/prince 繁榮公主/皇子 & ride in antique convertible古董車, perform on floats大花車上表演 & Festival stage文化節舞台 in the NYC Lunar New Year Parade 紐约新春愛心花車大遊行 & the Autumn Moon Parade Festival. 中秋節大遊行文化節    (New Year Parade have 500,000 international spectators & world wide media coverage).  





** 勝出者將作為better USA的繁榮公主/王子 登上遊行古董車參與到中秋節中華文化日大遊行隊伍中,以及獲得在大花車上,文化節舞台上表演的機會。( 紐约新春愛心花車大遊行/中秋節大遊行文化節有逾過50萬的觀眾,獲得中外記者以及各界媒體給予大量的讚譽和報導)